Adopting a Dog


Adopting a dog is hugely rewarding. You are giving a home to a dog that needs it plus you will have a friend for life and a brilliant new addition to your family.

How does the process of adopting a dog work? Here are the main steps:

  • Find a dog – browse the dogs we currently have in our care
  • Come and meet the dogs – play with them, take a walk, interact, and generally get to know one another. You are welcome to bring along a dog/s that you currently have to see how they get along
  • Once you know which dog/s you want to adopt, complete a Dog Adoption Application Form.
  • We will vet your application, and if your profile matches the kind of family we are waiting for the chosen dog/s, we will let you know and arrange for a team member to visit your home to ensure it meets our basic requirements for a new home.
  • On acceptance as the ideal new owner for one or more of our dogs, it’s time to make a donation to the Society. You can then look forward to picking up your new family member/s at an arranged time. You will be expected to complete and sign a Certificate of Adoption and Commitment. This sets out your promise of good practice for keeping your new dog/s safe, happy, and healthy.
  • Then it’s the best part – taking your newly adopted furry family member/s home.