Nala’s Story

Alex felt Blondy was lonely so I decided to go back to Graham and find a wee mate for Blondy. They brought Nala into the yard with Blondy and they got along straight away. They have been best friends ever since.

Nala was also a little nervous when she first came home. She would cower if you came towards her too quickly and she didn’t let you touch her under belly or legs. But she got more and more confident and is now a happy little dog.

Nala is an absolute Princess! She loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa (which of course is not allowed…. But who can resist that)!! She makes lots of contented deep breathing and sighing noises when she’s happy. Nala has never got rid of her need to scrounge and we have to be very careful not to leave food where she can get it!! She is also a master with her mouth and can scalp a tennis ball in about 3 minutes!

The below picture is Nala in her usual cuddle position with my husband Paul and another of someone feeling sheepish!

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