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Adopting a dog is hugely rewarding. You are not only giving them a second chance at life but also gaining an amazing new addition to your family. There is really no substitute for the unconditional love from a dog that knows you have saved their life.
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Are you going away and need somewhere to send your dog? We’d love to have him or her at our fantastic boarding kennels at the Dog Protection Society. We’ll keep your dog safe and will do everything we can to make sure he/she is happy and having fun while staying here.

doggy day care

Play-time is an important part of any dog’s daily routine. Our doggy day care service offers so many benefits for your furry family – a safe environment for exercise, socialisation, walks, one-on-one time and generally a fun place to relieve boredom and express their normal doggy behaviour.

pet club

Our Pet Club is currently under development and will be launched later in the year. Watch this space!!!


Regular grooming is a necessary routine for all dogs. Their breed and type of coat will determine how regularly a groom is needed, however the experts agree that at least once a month is recommended. Grooming your dog has several benefits that will add to your dog’s wellbeing – maintains a healthy coat and skin, regular nail trims help with healthy foot structure and posture, in many cases early detection of issues with ears, skin, teeth and more. What’s more, your dog will look and smell great and we can all do with much less shedding.

pet insurance

We are currently working on several exciting projects to bring you a fresh and affordable way to insure your dog’s healthcare.



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